A farmer from Harlan, Iowa, had sows with pseudo pregnancies. They seemed to be pregnant, but when they delivered, there was only a sack of water, afterbirth, and no pigs. The Farm Bureau Spokesman wrote about this farmer's travails and he got calls from other farmers saying they were having the same problem. Interestingly, they were all using ...

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Oct 22, 2020 · Plant in the fall for a splendid spring—and in the spring for a fabulous fall. We all love spring flowers and growth, so fall really is the best time to plant. Fall is a wonderful time to plant perennials, spring-blooming bulbs, shrubs, and trees. To achieve that seasonal crescendo, you have to think seasons ahead.
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Nov 09, 2020 · Farmer Andy C. Stenderup is a third-generation family farmer. As shown in this file photo, he farms 300 acres of hemp on his property off South Edison Road in the Arvin area. Hemp is growing ...

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