Aldehydes. Principal aldehydes. Resources. Aldehydes are a class of highly reactive organic chemical compounds that contain a carbonyl group (in which a carbon atom is double bound to an oxygen atom) and at least one hydrogen atom bound to the alpha carbon (the central carbon atom in the carbonyl group).

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The carbonyl functional group > C O is bonded in aldehydes to a hydrogen atom and a carbon atom. Several naming procedures are used for aldehydes. A standard procedure starts with the name of the longest carbon chain containing the aldehyde group and replacing the suffix -e with -al (e.g., methanal, ethanal, etc.). It is also common to name the ...
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aldehyde: An organic compound containing a formyl group, which is a functional group with the structure R-CHO. sp2 : Hybrid orbital that forms when one pi bond is required for the double bond, and only three σ bonds are formed per carbon atom.

Aldehyde functional group

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