Lecture 6:An insight into design of any randomized algorithm,Pattern matching algorithm, union theorem Lecture 7: Application of Union theorem: Maximum load in bin, concentration of randomized quick sort Lecture 8:Markov's Inequality and Chernoff's Bound Lecture 9:Random Sampling - part 1 (Estimating some parameter using randomization) Lecture ... for randomized algorithms. Even more recently, randomized algorithms have been developed for tensor decompositions (see below for a detailed review). Motivated by this success, we analyze existing randomized tensor algorithms and propose and analyze new randomized tensor algorithms. Contributions and contents. Insection 2, we first review the ...

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This takes us to the field of Randomized Algorithms. Often, the randomized variants, in addition to being faster than their deterministic counterpart, are simpler to understand and implement. In this course, we will study this tradeoff between correctness and speed. We will be learning a number of methods to design and analyze randomized ...
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randomized algorithm. • Given two polynomials p,q of degree n¡1 and a polynomial r of degree n¡2, one can check whether r ˘ pq in linear time £(n) using a randomized algorithm. No known deterministic algorithms can match these running times. Randomized algorithms are generally useful when there are many possible choices, “most” of

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