SMG4's Gang members are generally the main protagonists of the SMG4 Series and channel.Consisting of SMG4's interpretation of the YouTube Rangers originally, and characters from the Super Mario franchise with himself, Mario, Luigi, Bowser and occasionally Toad as initial members, later on he developed his own original characters to add, including but unrestricted to Fishy Boopkins, Bob, Meggy ... See full list on

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SMG4 started YouTube in 2009 and posted glitch compilations on games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Mario Sunshine, having become infatuated as a child about how glitches worked in games. He eventually began making Super Mario 64 Machinima in 2011, inspired by the likes of Megaman765 , MATTHEWGU4 and MarioMario54321 .
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SuperMarioGlitchy2 (also known as SMG2 and Glitchoo) is Glitchy's older brother. He looks like a blue water type version of Metal Mario. He's been mentioned multiple times and is a disguised Fishy Boopkins (Kevin). He makes his first actual appearance in the Super Mario Galaxy Longplay. He and SMG4 get along well despite minor bickering. Appearances Super Mario 64 Longplay (mentioned), Super ...

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